Jari Kuosma is professional skydiver, innovator and designer. He is known as the pioneer of wingsuit flying, the founder of BIRDMAN International ltd. and chief designer of the products that carry his registered brand name BIRDMAN®. Birdman was the first company ever to produce wingsuits for skydivers. Jari has over 5000 parachute jumps of which 4000 are with wingsuits. He has designed 15 commercial wingsuits, a premium watch collection and co-designed two clothing collections to date.

Jari has appeared in numerous publications, TV & Documentary films and performed numerous times as a stunt jumper for live shows and stunts for a film.

Jari is also the author of the Wingsuit First Flight Course and the BIRDMAN Wingsuit Instructor Course; methods to teach skydivers how to fly safely with wingsuits and eventually become certified wingsuit pilots & instructors.

Jari has International Skydivers FAI-0013 D - licence, USPA D-Licence, USPA PRO-Rating and BirdMan Chief Instructor rating. He was first Finn to earn a B.A.S.E. number (B.A.S.E. 585).


Articles (PDF):

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Jari Kuosma