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When it comes to a brandname, not one even comes close to BIRDMAN® in terms of originality, history and the emotions of bravery, courage and freedom it is associated with. BIRDMAN® has been named to be among the 100 strongest brands of the future by the famous Maverick hunter Bille Carn @ The Crazy Ones. 


The use of licensing as a marketing and brand extension tool has grown significantly over the last 40 years. A well managed, well-executed and clearly communicated licensing relationship, can bring benefits to all parties concerned with the deal, namely the licensor, the licensee and their suppliers and retailers and, ultimately, the consumer.


Each of those parties has its own vision and values that ultimately adds significantly equity to the final product or service. To maximize the outcome, each participant in the licensing process has certain responsibilities to fulfil. Every agreement between the licensing parties is unique in its requirements and the responsibilities of each vary in accordance with the level of their involvement.


A product licence grants you the right to use the BIRDMAN® trademark in your products, publications or campaigns.  The licensor retains ownership of the copyright while the licensee (the customer) purchases the right to use the trademark in products and campaigns for an agreed period.


The global sports spending in 2013 topped over 133 BILLION USD. In the USA alone 118 million people participated in extremesports and in Europe the amount of the participants is almost double according to Price Waterhouse Cooper global sports market 2013 Report. 


Wingsuit Skydiving is the pinnacle of the extreme sports and it's image ,unlike many other sports, is way underused and thus fresh and new in publics mind. BIRDMAN® is not only internationally registered trademark but a real brand with exceptional history and reputation.


BIRDMAN® has successfully helped several  campaigns & products to raise above the clouds by use of the BIRDMAN® name, story, logo & brand image, licenced for both short- and long term.   



Class 25 
Clothing, Footwear, Headgear, Jeans, Jackets, Hoodies, Belts ... 
 Class 28 
Toys, Sporting goods products, Action figures, Bags, Helmets, Sunglasses, Eyewear, Accessories ...
Marketing Campaigns
Promotional Campaigns
Pictures, Videos, Advertisements, PR & Media appearances, Key-Note speaking ... 
Watches, altimeters, accessories...
Skydiving equipment
Wingsuits, Track suits, Parachutes, Wings, Helmets, Gloves, etc..

Your company has a quality product, distribution and sales. 


BIRDMAN® gives you a Saga. 


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