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Congratulation’s for purchasing original BIRDMAN® WATCH. Your timepiece is one of the five hundred (500) special edition 2013 collection.



BIRDMAN offers a limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years after original purchase from an authorized BIRDMAN dealer. This means that if the






We know how much you love your BIRDMAN and if you are having technical issues with it, we want to get it repaired ASAP. For more information, please contact our customer service team at




The BMI limited two (2) year warranty covers only manufacture’s defects. The warranty excludes abnormal wear and tear, straps, crystals, bracelets, crowns, cases and battery replacements. Any act by the purchaser, including accidents, misuse, neglect or failure to service the watch according to the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer will automatically void the BMI two (2)-year Limited Warranty. All maintenance or repairs must be performed by a manufacturer authorized service center or the Warranty will be voided. The original purchase receipt must specifically state that the watch listed on the receipt is subject to this offer. All discontinued and clearance watches are excluded. BMI is not responsible for errors or omissions. A copy of the original receipt must accompany all claims.


To make a claim under this warranty please contact BMI customer service by email at


BMI customer service will issue a return authorization number (a “RAN”). No claim or package will be accepted without a RAN. Issuance of a RAN does not represent a decision that the subject watch is covered under this warranty. All claims must be inspected by a watch technician to determine if the claim is covered under the terms of the BMI Extended Warranty. Customer is responsible for shipping and insurance to designated repair facility or customer can drop off the watch at any participating store and the store will send


materials in your product aren't right or if the product isn't assembled correctly, we'll repair or replace it, at our discretion. But, this doesn't mean you can abuse your watch and expect us to fix it for free. We don't cover normal wear and tear, loss or theft.










the claim for a 38€ processing fee.


BMI shall incur the shipping and insurance cost to return the watch to any address in the world or to deliver the watch to a participating store per the customer’s instruction. Any oral or written representation made by a store employee regarding a potential claim is not binding. All decisions as to whether a claim is covered shall be made by BMI, in its sole discretion, and shall be final.



Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. 





















Downloadable version (pdf) 



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