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A Method to the madness called SISU

Make no mistake about it, the plague has nothing to do with what you have been told, yet, it has everything to do with you. See, to those who invented this thing, to put it plain and simple, You are the virus.

Let’s investigate what are the main parameters of the apocalypse (Apocalypse (ἀποκάλυψις, apokálypsis) is a Greek word meaning "revelation", "an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling") and what is sold to us as the cure:

Climate change / Global Warming

Generations after generations have been brainwashed to be afraid of the weather. In ancient world they were afraid that the sky will fall on their neck, which was much more real threat that today’s global warming scam. Fear is sold via indoctrination system, fake news mass media, politicians and academia.


Another term for a mass hysteria and the invisible enemy. Fear of the unknown. Imprinted to your mind by fake news, mass media, politicians, useful idiots and those who benefit from it.


Don’t you just love it when they, the archons, can reset your life when they decide so and assume you just take it without any questions?


The money scam. Create bits from nothing, manipulate all markets beyond recognisable and call it a mysterious market force. Screw up your centrally controlled utopia and blame it on the people, capitalism, freedom. The sheeple will believe anything you say and will kill those who try harder and are smarter than you. Problem solved.

New Normal

Have your talking heads market poverty, idiocracy, mental illness, declining economy and total tyranny as new normal ,new deal, love, tolerance, multiculturalism, social responsibility and build it back worse than before but call it better.

Trump the bogieman

Epitome of white, heterosexual, creative, genius, brave, masculine, decisive, independent, successful bossman with functional family. Obviously the world doesn’t need any of those. Cancel them. Give them periods, guilt and shame.


List daily all the people who die on mass media platforms. Call common cold with some fancy acronyms only you and your cult understands so you can have a good laugh. Repeat, copy and repeat.until mass obedience and hysteria is achieved. Copy and repeat just in case. Keep repeating.


Imprisonment is and has been a great source of anxiety for most since childhood. Works on bigger children as well. Jail them for no reason at all for vague periods of time. That confuses them and keeps them guessing. A huge plus side is considerable decrease in activity called life.

Cancel culture

When the state was still called Christian Catholic Church, they called it Excommunication. Most fear it even more than death and torture. A real good tool in the weapons arsenal.

Mask wearing

What does a mask symbolise? It symbolises a fake persona. Fake being with fake face. A liar and deceiver. One who keeps his mouth shut and lets the archons (rulers) do what they want. Whats even better is that when you have the archon mask on, nobody can read your fake face expressions so you wont get caught lying.

Washing Hands

Pontius Pilatus was the first famous hand washing coward who watched a truth seeker and speaker to be tortured to death by a mob. They want you all to be like Pontius. Shut the f up and let the archons (rulers) do what they want.

Social Distancing

Distance yourself from others. Cancel holidays. Stop having fun, joy might heal you. Stop singing, dancing, kissing, having sex, living. A permanently depressed person is more valuable worker.


The last nail in the coffin is the vaccine. An epitome of all tests whether you submit fully to the authority or whether you are a real warrior who owns his own body, mind and soul.

The End

Globalism, New World Order.

Apocalypse defeated

There is an antidote to the madness. It’s called the truth. Truth is the only religion there is. It is the only solution out of the matrix of lies. To find the truth one needs SISU.

SISU is a Finnish word.

What is SISU?

SISU is strength of character, perseverance and courage.

SISU is a drive to succeed against all odds.

SISU is overcoming tyranny of any kind.

SISU is victory over tragedy.

SISU is flying your own path.

SISU is finding your destiny.

SISU is finding out what you are made of.

SISU is real love.


SISU is action which leads to freedom. It makes you stronger than you ever thought. It is finding your purpose in life by taking chances and never giving up. Its your compass which points the right way. Its call to conquer the impossible. It’s your ticket to the stars.

With SISU anything is possible.

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