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Speaking - Surf's UP!

Updated: Apr 18


Welcome to the presentation of 

To the Oceans Project - an advocacy online influencor for fun and inspiring sea life stories across!

Time and location:

7.5.2024 from 6 pm to 8 pm (Klo 18.00-20.00), SURF HOUSE HELSINKI, PASILA, MALL of TRIPLA.

Speeches 7.5.2024 at Surf House from 18.00-20.00:

At 18.10 

Sini Kunnas: "Oceans Inspire Like Mad" - the what-how-and-why of this project

At 18.45 

Birdman Jari Kuosma: "As Above, So Below" - a mavericks view of the oceans.

At 19.30-20.00 

Leasure time and questions at the 

Surf House seminar space 

During the speeches Sini Kunnas will introduce the 3 programs (for the Arctic travels and tales, for Families for ocean care and for the Spiritual History of Oceans).

Please look into the web pages before the event and questions are welcomed!

This global online project operates in English. 

Myös Suomen kielellä ovat innostavat meritarinat paikan päällä lämpimästi tervetulleita ja vastaamme mielellämme lisäkysymyksiinne!

Tervetuloa - WELCOME!

See you at the Surf House on the 

7th of May!

Contact: Sini Kunnas, 

Tel +358(0)409300203,  

(After the speeches event ends at 20.00,  additional fun can be reserved as at own expense by booking the Surf House scenery sauna or a surf experience starting from 20.05 up to 22.00. The bar is also open until 22.00. 

Bookings for the Surf House experiences can be found at

For more information of the speakers:

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