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Manage risks and become free

Managing risks in potentially very hostile multi complex environment can be challenging and even scary at times but life without experiences is no life at all.

A Society which promotes zero tolerance to death, pain or disease results in individuals risk taking skills devolution, intuition disappears from lexicon and mind is killed by constant fear. Fear is a mind killer.

Ability to take calculated risks requires first and foremost honest self reflection, ability to see honest raw truth in oneself, which is often not as pretty and mighty as one might imagine. However, Knowing Thyself is the answer to never ending self development, self betterment and eventually raw self-confidence that moves mountains.

In continental philosophy, limit-experience is a quality of experience that approaches the limits of possible experience. This can be in terms of its intensity, and it being seemingly impossible or paradoxical. In Lacanianism, a limit-experience dissociates the subject from the experience that it exists in and identifies with, leading to a confrontation with the Real (refers to the remainder of reality that cannot be expressed, and which surpasses reasoning).

To overcome fear and experience everlasting now one must become who he is. No illusions allowed. He must become more .

Blue Ones!

- Jari


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