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Made in Finland

There could not be a more natural birth place for the Original Hand Made BIRDMAN® T -shirts than Hopea - Aurinko Osuuskunta located in a small village in the middle of Finland called Ruovesi, right next door to the Hells lake national park.

Part of my family is from that area so I used to spend my summers there when I was a kid and later on as well as I always went back to seek some peace and quiet. Ruovesi is the nearest village some 33 km away from my hide out and it was there I found Sanna and her crew making all kinds of handcraft.

Wingsuit project to start with something simple..

It was a very hot summers day in 2019 I went to see Sanna with a cardboard box and head full off drawings and ideas. We had been talking before of making some stuff under BIRDMAN® brand so we decided to start with something easy as a test. That small test was project UKKO which flew its maiden flights in August, the same year.

BIRDMAN UKKO in flight

Original BIRDMAN® T - shirts is a bit more simple project but made with the same dedication to quality and professional unique manufacturing methods as are used in manufacturing wingsuits.

Attention is given to the smallest details

Form follows function.

I am personally most happy to be able to work together locally supporting small business using local raw materials. Our products are 100% Finnish. We make each product unique to order but we can handle larger quantities as well, dealers noted.

Flying Finn wearing UKKO white shirt.

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